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F3C Female & SBT Male

Ideal Breeding Pair !!!

Welcome to Enchanted Cats. We are a Savannah cattery located in Albuquerque, New Mexico ... the Land of Enchantment. Savannahs are the newest breed of domestic cat accepted by TICA (the International Cat Association). Savannahs have the exotic look of a wild cat with the personality of a domestic cat. Their size is noticeably larger than most house cats. This is accomplished by crossing an African Serval with a domestic shorthair cat, and then breeding down from there to maintain the color, markings and shape of the Serval while producing a very large, sweet, playful, companion pet.

Savannah cats exhibit many characteristics of a family dog ... very loveable and social, love to take walks on their leash, ride in the car, play fetch, play in water, and hang around their people. As such, they are best suited for a human who can spend time with them and include them in their daily life. My personal pet Savannah, Navigator, goes with me to work every day, and accompanies our family to football practice, baseball practice, and just about everywhere he's allowed to go .....

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A Tree

photo taken by Helmi Flick

photos from agentcats.com taken by Ecko

Special Agent All in a Knight's Work of Enchanted Cats


All of our Savannahs are very well socialized from the time they're born. We hold them, pet them and hand feed them so they crave human attention. Our kittens are litter box and leash trained before they leave us. Please take some time and browse our website and feel free to contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Call Allison Ward-Osborne for more information.

(505) 263-6389

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